Download and listen to popular PodCasts, transfer them to your favourite device to listen on the go. Merge & split MP3 files, create and download torrents, Magnet links, Scrape webpages, download YouTube videos, scan for media, Keep track of your social media and more. Hootr is your total solution to solving your media woes.
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    Hootr main screen, whats on tv today
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    Episode guid with cast view
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    Episode guide with cast view
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    Hootr Video, Torrents & Magnet tiles
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    Quick overview of content contained in subscription
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    Subscription maintenance screen
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    Social media content well, supports multiple social media profiles
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    Dropbox profile manager, application supports multiple profiles
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    Configuration manager, this is where preferences are set
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    Social media profiles editor, application supports multiple profiles
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    Dropbox file explorer, supports multiple profiles
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    Show content, built in audio/video player, content information etc.
VERSION 4.02.061 FEATURE SHEET(Shredding Santa)Download Beta
  • Global Features
  • Video and P2P Subscriptions shown as tiles
  • Seamless import iTunes podcast URLS
  • podcast:// itpc:// support
  • Convert & Move torrents after conversion
  • Configurable status icons
  • Changes to subscription wizard interface

  • Cloud Features
  • Improved down and upload support for all cloud services
  • mega.nz cloud support
  • Microsoft oneDrive support
  • Google Drive Support
  • FTP support

  • Transfer Features
  • Transfer to Google/Dropbox/onDrive/FTP after conversion
  • Transfer to Google/Dropbox/onDrive/FTP after download

  • Show Features
  • Fanart caching
  • Enhanced show information
  • IMBD/TMDB/TVMaze/TVDB integration
  • Search for movies

New Features current version
  • Seasonal Features
  • Splash screen varies per season

  • Cloud Features
  • Full Dropbox support
  • Dropbox File Manager
  • TVMaze Support
  • Episode guides (*)
  • What's on TV Today(*)

  • Social Media Features
  • Twitter streaming of multiple accounts at the same time
  • Twitter multiple accounts management
  • Twitter Follow/Friends management
  • Downloading of twitter media (video/images)
  • Tracking of social media based on keywords
  • Pinterest support (Limited)

  • Conversion Features
  • Encodes files to OGG, MP3, Flac, and Wav

  • Privacy Features
  • Vermin Personal Proxy™.
  • VPN Cloak™. Start VPN connection of your choice.
  • Proxy routing (different options available)
  • HillBilly Routing™

  • Torrent/Magnet Features
  • Enhanced cloudflare support
  • Advanced Torrent/Magnet/SeedPool™ options
  • Adaptive web-seed downloads
  • Tracker status window
  • Global Features
  • Automatic download of new content
  • Clipboard monitoring download manager
  • Filter option to subscriptions
  • Alternative album-art to subscriptions
  • Process indicators on all relevant screens
  • Right click context menu to video conversion wizard
  • Subscription validation on startup of application
  • Audio merge drag and drop support of .m3u files
  • ability to set processing priority on video conversions
  • CPU usage feature, run on all or selected cores
  • Changes to configuration screens
  • Changes to subscription manager screens
  • Cosmetic changes to many parts of application
  • Multi threaded downloads, download multiple podcasts, Torrents, & Magnets at once
  • Multi threaded video conversion, batch convert videos
  • Configurable event sounds
  • Interface Theming. Allows you to select themes, or you can design your own
  • CD Ripper Wizard.
  • Media Conversion Wizard.
  • Subscription expiry, can set to expire after a certain date
  • Progress indicator to merge media wizard

  • Peer to Peer Features
  • Download Magnet links
  • Download Torrents
  • Built in fast Torrent search
  • Keeps catalog of popular trackers, speeding up your downloads
  • Built in Torrent Tracker (host your own)
  • Torrent to Magnet converter (batch)
  • Detects webseeds in torrents
  • SeedPool Manager™ seed torrents with ease

  • Global Features
  • Download and listen to PodCasts
  • Personal Proxy and VPN Cloak ™
  • Read your favourite RSS feeds
  • Drag and drop play of audio and video
  • Supports authenticated PodCast feeds
  • Complete subbscription information
  • Batch Download PodCasts
  • Automatically downloads album art
  • Categorize PodCasts
  • Comprehensive PodCast Manager
  • Show your favourite PodCasts at the top of the list
  • Colour coding of subscriptions
  • Audio / Video Features
  • Listen to internet radio
  • Merge MP3 files
  • Splitting of large MP3 files
  • Conversion and Merge wizard
  • Updates MP3 tags with relevant information Built in media player (audio & video)
  • State of the art feed manager, you are in control
  • Keeps track of played media
  • Scans and catalogs all media on your computer
  • Scrape webpages for downloadable media
  • YouTube video downloader
  • YouTube audio downloader

  • Enhanced Features
  • Transfer files to your smartphone
  • Enhanced clipboard monitoring
  • Exchange files on IRC (built in IRC Bot)
  • Auto-updates & caches feeds
  • Built in Web Server
  • Built in external devices manager **
  • Transfer to and from external devices *
  • Drag and drop to external devices *
  • Ability to transfer data via public proxies
(*) Powered by TVMaze